Walk-in Services

(We recommend that you call ahead if walking in for a full groom or mini groom, as this walk-in service is offered by availability only. Walk-ins have no promise time out)

We offer two types of walk-in services: À la carte and Grooming

À la Carte services (walk-in by 3 pm)

Toenails: $10
Anal glands: $10
Ear hair:  $10
(Combine any two of the above for $15, or all three for $20)

Ears cleaned (wiped out): $5
Teeth brushing: $5
(you can either bring your own toothbrush, or we sell them here for $2 each)

                Grooming (walk-in by 12 pm for small dogs,
11 am for large dogs(mini groom only) 

Please note that when walking in for a groom, we are fitting them in for the day in-between appointments, and it is possible your dog will be here until the end of day.   Walk-ins are by availability only, so sometimes it is best to call ahead!