We offer grooming on dogs of all breeds and sizes.
(Proof of rabies shots is required)

All grooms include a bath, sanitary trim,  nail trimming, ears cleaned, ear hair plucked, and anal glands expressed.  Please let us know when dropping off if you do not want any of these complimentary services. 

We provide the following services:

  • Baths
    (This is bath only, no trimming.  This is mostly for the short haired breeds, but is possible to do on longer haired dogs that are not tangled)
  • Mini Grooms
    (With the mini groom, your pet will get a bath, and we will tidy the feet and above the eyes. Some breeds have leg feathers that we will trim for you also.  Again, it is important that your pet is free of tangles for the mini groom)
  • Full Grooms (haircut)
    (The full grooms include a bath and haircut. The importance of tangles in your pet’s fur corresponds with how long/short you wish the haircut to be. Some tangles can be worked out, some can not. If it requires a level of de-tangling that would be stressful for the dog, then we prefer to just go ahead and take the hair down to an appropriate length)
  • À la carte Services
    Nails – $10
    Ear hair- $10
    (Combine any two  à la carte services above for $15, or all three for $20)
    Ears cleaned (wiped out)- $5
    Teeth brushed – $5
    (You can bring your own toothbrush, or we sell them here for $2 each)